Local Authorities, Public Entities & Administrative Law

The firm is one of the most respected law firms in Israel in the field of local authorities, tort and administrative law. The firm was established in 1999, and it regularly represents a large number of local authorities, including: Tirat Carmel Municipality, Or Akiva Municipality, Beit She’an Municipality, Kiryat Gat Municipality, Kiryat Malachi Municipality, Ramat Gan Municipality, Bat Yam Municipality, Beit Shemesh Municipality, The City Council and more. The firm has in-depth knowledge and many years of extensive experience in accompanying municipal entities and municipalities, government companies, and municipal and quasi-municipal corporations, and are familiar with the characteristics and requirements of the legal representation unique to these entities. In this context, the firm accompanies various forums in these entities: executive management, elected management bodies, tender committees and other forums.


The field of municipal law and torts in municipalities is a magnet for municipalities, local authorities and public bodies that are assisted by the firm’s esteemed capabilities in municipal law and the representation of local authorities in the field of torts.


The firm provides local authorities with full comprehensive legal representation in complex and extensive litigation cases, as plaintiffs and as defendants, in all types of civil proceedings conducted in various courts, including petitions to the Supreme Court sitting as the Supreme Court of Justice. In addition, the firm represents local authorities in various civil proceedings, including contractual monetary claims, tort claims, labor law claims, in all courts, including court proceedings, arbitration proceedings, mediation proceedings, etc.


In addition, the firm provides local authorities with full and comprehensive legal representation as an administrative body in various courts, as plaintiffs and defendants, including initiating proceedings on behalf of a local authority against government ministries in the areas of bylaws, budget, taxation, education, water, infrastructure, tenders (against and in defense of tender proceedings and their results), and more.


Beyond this, the firm often serves as “legal advisor” to local authorities for all intents and purposes, and in this context, provides comprehensive legal advice on a wide range of issues: Preparing opinions, answering inquiries from residents and council members, advice on issues of conduct of the authority and its institutions, municipal bylaws, provision of information, guidance and advice on antitrust issues, Government Companies Act, statutory corporations, negotiation on behalf of the local authority, due diligence of transactions, drafting contracts, preparing drafts, executing municipal projects and contracts with service and equipment suppliers, accompanying tender committees (including economic tenders, tenders for absorbing staff, etc.), advice on filing suit against and/or protecting tender procedures and their results, labor law and more.


Furthermore, the firm accompanies, represents and advises authority councils, management committees and other central committees (such as funds, tenders, subsidies, discounts, etc.), and provides ongoing representation and advice to officials in local authorities.