Attorney Ehud Dahan

Attorney Ehud Dahan is an attorney and notary with professional seniority and experience as a lawyer since 1999. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Law with a minor in Business Administration from the University of Haifa and a master’s degree in Business Administration (Executive MBA) from the Technion with a specialization in high-tech entrepreneurship. He is one of the most prominent litigators in Israel in his fields of expertise.

Attorney Ehud Dahan enjoys a valued reputation as having a deep understanding of the law, broad strategic thinking, and the ability to manage high-intensity legal disputes in complex, large-scale and high-asset and financial litigation cases for leading clients. Attorney Ehud Dahan is committed to leading every case to legal and financial results and achievements, with an uncompromising commitment to complete satisfaction for each and every client.

Attorney Ehud Dahan leads and heads the teams in the fields of civil and personal law, at both the strategic level and the tactical level. The teams he heads successfully face legal challenges that require mental flexibility, creativity, thinking outside the box, a high level of professionalism and multidisciplinary knowledge.

Moreover, Attorney Ehud Dahan has a great reputation for managing transactions, conducting complex negotiations and resolving difficult disagreements. Attorney Ehud Dahan provides comprehensive representation and advice regarding legal aspects in various areas of law while providing aspects of strategic thinking and case management.