Attorney Lior Dahan

Attorney Lior Dahan is one of the most recognized and respected lawyers in Israel in his areas of expertise.

Attorney Lior Dahan is an attorney and notary with over 15 years of professional seniority and experience, with a master’s degree in Business Administration (Executive MBA) from the Technion with a specialization in high-tech entrepreneurship, a bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) from the University of Haifa, and he is a graduate of the International Law Studies Program from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands with an emphasis on Commercial Law and European Law.

Attorney Lior Dahan is a qualified payroll examiner on behalf of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor; he accompanies large corporations and organizations in everything related to employee rights and compliance with all labor laws relevant to each organization.

Attorney Lior Dahan serves as a director and an executive board member of the Haifa Chamber of Commerce, in which he works to advance the interests of businesses in the Haifa and northern Israel districts, working with various bodies and associations, including government bodies. Attorney Lior Dahan is a major in the reserves, serving as a senior operations division officer in the Northern Command.

Attorney Lior Dahan enjoys an impressive reputation as having business acumen, broad strategic thinking, and the ability to manage complex and large-scale legal disputes, represent and advise large commercial clients on complex transactions. Attorney Lior Dahan is committed to providing every client exceptional legal and financial results and achievements, and is recognized and valued as an attorney who implements exceptional standards of excellence, professionalism, diligence and attention to detail, innovation, creative and multidisciplinary thinking in every case and every transaction in his professional work.

Attorney Lior Dahan considers the client a full partner in the management of a legal case or transaction, and he is known as one who fights tirelessly, with uncompromising determination, until the desired results and achievements are secured for his clients.

Furthermore, Attorney Lior Dahan provides ongoing legal advice and assistance to employers and employees of various companies on a wide range of issues related to ongoing employment relationships, including: recruiting employees, drafting employment agreements, resolving disputes, dismissal proceedings, drafting option plans, compensation instruments and mechanisms for incentivizing employees, hiring contractors and independent workers, and issues related to non-competition and confidentiality.