Real Estate & Urban Renewal (NOP 38)

The firm has a long-standing leading real estate department that provides its clients – developers, contractors and large construction companies – with a wide range of services in all areas of real estate, planning, development, construction and marketing of projects of all kinds, including residential construction, income-producing real estate projects, combination transactions and urban renewal transactions (NOP 38).


The firm’s real estate department advises developers and real estate companies, industrial companies, government companies, government and local authorities, private clients, Israeli companies and/or entrepreneurs investing in real estate in Israel and abroad, as well as high-tech companies and other companies in need of legal advice and assistance in the field of real estate. In addition, the department provides professional support in the field of real estate in transactions in which the firm is involved.


As part of the ongoing support of department clients, the firm is involved in ongoing legal support of all procedures related to planning and construction of the project, from the planning stage of approving master plans and expenses for building permits, and contracting with various planners and implementing bodies, through financing the project, its construction, marketing (sale or rental), obtaining the necessary permits for completion, and ending with registration of the project, accompanying sale and rental of the apartments or commercial units, and accompanying the legal relationship with purchasers and tenants, or alternatively representing the client in selling the project or parts thereof.


The firm is involved in negotiating with third parties, including landowners, contractors, local authorities, planning institutions, etc. The firm also handles the aspects of real estate taxation that arise in transactions, as well as financing aspects of projects, and accompanies entrepreneurs who receive financing in complex financing transactions with banks and financial institutions.


Real estate activities in the firm are regularly and closely monitored by an accounting firm and a law firm that specialize in real estate taxation and project financing, including consulting in the aspects of real estate taxation, implications of municipal bylaws, including advice on tax aspects regarding financing projects (lender bank), as well as handling the receipt of prior approval (pre-ruling from the Tax Authority).


The firm provides its clients with the following range of services in the field of real estate:

  • Legal support for various types of real estate transactions, including combination transactions, income-producing real estate, sale and purchase transactions, rental transactions, evacuation-construction transactions, NOP 38, purchasing groups, drafting various agreements with planning consultants, suppliers, contractors and service providers, etc.
  • Legal support for developers and contractors in everything related to the establishment and marketing of commercial and/or office and/or residential projects, in all legal aspects of the project, from acquisition of rights in real estate to registration of the condominium. The real estate department accompanies a number of leading entrepreneurs in the economy in this field.
  • Legal support for purchasing groups for residential purposes, including legal advice at the stage of forming group members and agreements between them, accompanying purchase of the land, including conducting negotiations for its purchase, drafting a sales agreement, accompanying the transaction with the planning and tax authorities, entering into agreements with consultants, handing over possession and registering rights.
  • Legal support in planning and construction matters in the framework of transactions or in the support of clients or projects with various entities (electricity company, Israel Lands Administration, etc.), as well as representation of clients before planning committees, tax authorities and Israel Lands Administration.
  • Legal support for companies in transactions for the purchase and/or lease of land and projects.
  • Legal support for state institutions in everything related to real estate transactions, including real estate taxation, property tax, Israel Lands Administration and Land Registry.
  • Legal support for projects in the field of infrastructure in various aspects of real estate, including aspects of planning and construction.
  • Legal treatment of issues related to the Israel Real Estate Administration and representation of business entities, and landowners before the Administration.