Working for the Community (Pro Bono) and Public Good

The firm places working for and contributing to the community as an ideal, seeing the value of mutual guarantee as part of the firm’s partners worldview. Thus, working for the community is an integral part of the firm’s activities.

The firm is regularly active in projects that benefit vulnerable populations, including the Bar Association’s “Schar Mitzvah” – The Israel Bar Association Pro Bono Program, as well as “Attorneys for Senior Citizens”, the Ministry of Justice’s volunteer project for the benefit of senior populations, etc.

The firm also assists in representing and providing pro bono legal advice in appropriate private cases they are presented.

Another important part of the firm’s activity is in public action and social involvement. In this framework, the partners are active and volunteer in various bodies and organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tel Aviv and Haifa, the Bar Association and more.