Payroll Inspections

The law firm has certified payroll inspectors on behalf of the Ministry of Labor, with extensive experience in carrying out processes in everything related to payroll inspections and prevention of violations in the field of labor law.


As part of the services provided by the firm, payroll inspectors perform periodic payroll inspections in organizations and businesses, the purpose of which is to ensure compliance with labor laws applicable to the inspected organization and prevent violations, thus leading to abolition and/or significant reduction of the organization’s exposure to lawsuits, as well as providing protect to officers in the organizations. The firm provides ongoing support to the company’s owners and officers in everything related to the construction of payrolls and payments of employee rights in large organizations.


The firm also handles and represents companies and business owners before the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor in everything related to executive fines / financial sanctions for non-compliance with the various labor laws issued both against the company and against the company’s officers personally.


The firm has extensive experience and significant successes in reducing fines / sanctions amounting to hundreds and even millions of shekels per employer.


The firm’s payroll team is skilled and professional and is available to employers and performs periodic inspections as well as spot checks, with payroll inspectors also being veteran attorneys in the field of labor law, which gives a significant advantage in conducting the audit and allows a broader and more accurate view of the labor law system applicable to the employer.