Notary Services, Durable Power of Attorney & Wills

The firm provides a variety of related legal services with the aim of enabling the firm’s clients to handle their affairs in one place and in an efficient, concentrated and better manner. Among these services, the firm provides its clients with notary services through a team of certified and highly experienced notaries who provide this service, including verification of notarized signatures, notarized translations, verification of power of attorney, approval of making a will before a notary (notarized wills), confirmation of correctness of copy, approval of apostille, etc.


In addition, the firm’s staff includes attorneys who are certified and licensed by the Ministry of Justice to issue a durable power of attorney, a necessary and exclusive condition for the issuance of a durable power of attorney. In an age where a person wishes to control the fate of his property while alive in the event he has become cognitively and physically incapable of making decisions, the tool of drafting a durable power of attorney is a basic and important legal tool, which can be obtained as part of the services that the firm provides to its clients, as well as submitting applications for the appointment of a guardian and/or cancellation of an appointment which the rest of the family considers invalid for one reason or another. Understanding and acknowledging the importance of a durable power of attorney, the document is prepared in the firm as part of an orderly and comprehensive procedure that includes several steps that allow the client to formulate the form and wording of the power of attorney, including in-depth questions to the client and a process of learning and understanding their needs. All of these lead to tailoring a durable power of attorney exactly according to the specific dimensions and needs of the client.