Labor Law & Collective Agreements

The firm has great skill and rich experience in the field of labor law and labor relations. The firm provides strategic and comprehensive advice for resolving complex situations in the legal aspects of human resource and manpower management, and provides comprehensive and complete legal advice to companies and businesses in aspects of labor law and labor relations, both at the collective and personal levels. Legal services are comprehensive and complete, from a long-term perspective and with the aim of giving the employer a preventive solution which precludes legal proceedings against the employer and reduces his exposure to employees.

The legal service is provided at all levels, from ongoing and daily legal advice, through preparation of employment agreements, retirement agreements and consultation agreements, to managing litigation proceedings and providing legal advice and opinions.

The firm’s labor law department provides its clients – employers and employees alike, with a wide range of services, combining legal, commercial and practical aspects. The firm helps its employer clients find creative solutions to their commercial needs, while maintaining relevant labor laws.

In addition, the firm guides and accompanies its clients on a regular and ongoing basis in all labor relations issues, including drafting employment agreements, executive agreements, employment termination agreements, advising on the implementation of labor laws, and advising and accompanying employers on issues related to collective labor relations.

The firm has extensive experience in planning and accompanying employers in aspects related to employees that arise as part of transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, downsizing and organizational changes.

The firm specializes in preparing employee compensation plans, such as bonus plans, options, securities compensation and more. On these issues, the firm works closely with an accounting firms that specialize in taxation.

The firm regularly deals with issues related to engagements with employees and consultants, including issues related to copyright and intellectual property, protection of trade secrets and other business information, etc. The firm represents its clients in labor courts, as well as before various administrative authorities in proceedings concerning the issuance of various permits and licenses, including the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

In addition, the firm is a partner in the construction and establishment of collective, industry plant and other agreements.

Among other things, the firm provides its clients with the following range of services:

Employer Accompaniment – representing and accompanying employers against employee claims and/or suits including all challenges entailed in employing staff – both in order to prevent employer claims in the courts in advance, and in order to end lawsuits filed by employees in a short time and with minimum resources. In this context, the firm provides a service of periodic wage inspections (see expansion in the “Wage Inspections” field of specialization) in order to provide protection for company executives and reduce the organizations’ exposure to legal claims in labor law.

Accompanying executives and senior employees – representation and accompaniment of executives, and providing advice regarding employment agreements, their various aspects, including options, grants, shares, bonuses, etc. In addition, the firm accompanies executives in the procedures involved in terminating their employment with the company, and receiving all the payments and rights to which they are entitled.

Contracts with service providers – representation and advice to employers in agreements with service providers, such as distribution, marketing, provision of legal / accounting services, as well as providing ongoing legal advice on legal issues, such as employee-employer relations, the nature of the relationship (self-employed / service provider), ways of terminating the relationship, etc.

Personnel contractors and outsourcing – representing and advising employers on all issues involved in hiring employees through manpower contractors, outsourcing, and service contractors.

Accompanying employees – writing and drafting employment agreements and retirement agreements, including close legal support for job applicants in negotiations, absorption in the workplace, as well as building agreements and benefit packages for the work period and termination of employment. The firm also accompanies and represents employees in proceedings due to illegal dismissals from the workplace, including proceedings for the prevention or cancellation of unlawful dismissals, including claims for compensation, representation at a hearing, etc.