Insolvency, Liquidation of Companies & Bankruptcies

The firm has a central department that handles all aspects of insolvency. The department handles liquidation of companies, recovery of companies, applications for creditors’ arrangements for corporations in accordance with the new amendment, as well as representation of creditors and debtors in insolvency proceedings at all levels, from receiving an order to open proceedings for an individual and a corporation (receivership order / liquidation order), continuing with a repayment plan / creditors’ arrangement, and ending with receipt of a dismissal order / liquidation order.

The field of insolvency requires expertise, experience and in-depth understanding in a number of areas of law, including banking and securities, financing, insolvency law, corporate law, labor law, receiverships, creditors’ arrangements, corporate recovery and bankruptcy, officers’ liability, litigation and more.

The firm is responsible for legal precedents in complex and large-scale insolvency proceedings, and it provides advice to companies, entrepreneurs and senior business people, and to private individuals.


The firm works in collaboration with professionals with experience and expertise in the field of insolvency, such as CPAs for business recovery companies and economists required to operate companies on a large scale, and/or for the purpose of rehabilitating a company and/or liquidating it.

The firm has rich experience in the fields of insolvency, enforcement of bonds and realization of liens, realization of real estate and special and complex real estate assets.


The firm’s senior partners are appointed by the courts as officials in liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings.

In addition, the firm has unique expertise in accompanying complex insolvency processes, including representing creditors and companies in difficulty, canceling grants, concealing property and more. The firm represents and advises in many insolvency cases or difficulties towards insolvency of companies and individuals, and even manages to prevent these proceedings in many cases thanks to early advice.