Family & Inheritance Law, Family Capital Management

The firm has a dedicated department specializing in family and inheritance law and family capital management.

The firm represents private clients, wealthy families and families with companies and family businesses, in a wide range of complex, large-scale and capital and asset-intensive legal disputes, in 4 main core areas:

Divorce disputes between spouses, which include all aspects, including division of property, ruling on alimony, determining custody of children, granting a divorce, ruling on Ketubah payments, transfer of residence, etc.

Divorce that includes complex property disputes between the spouses, which include dissolution of a business partnership or companies in which business partners and/or shareholders other than the spouse, including foreclosure due to the divorce.

Financial agreements and divorce agreements, drafting agreements that deal with complex agreements between spouses both before marriage, during marriage, and at the end of marriage as part of divorce proceedings, including custody of children, separation and division of property, alimony, gett, ketubah and more, and management of disputes regarding the enforcement of financial agreements.

Wills and inheritances, drafting wills of any kind and scope, including notarized wills, complex wills for private clients rich in property and assets and of course submitting applications for a will and an inheritance order if no will has been made.

In addition, managing opposition to an existing will and/or issuing an inheritance order as part of a struggle between heirs over the identity of heirs and/or their share in the estate, as well as managing a claim for division of the estate in capital-rich inheritance disputes between family members, heirs, businesses and partnerships.

Family business. The firm handles commercial aspects and manages legal disputes of a business nature between family members; advising and drafting complex agreements for companies and family businesses, to prevent future risks and conflicts, to preserve and ensure the future of the company, its success and leverage over generations.

The department’s cases often raise complex legal issues from a wide range of disciplines, such as corporate law, banking, taxation, real estate, commercial law, intellectual property, liquidation and receivership and more. Therefore, the department works in collaboration with other firm departments. In addition, and as necessary, the department employs leading business intelligence companies, actuaries, accountants and leading experts in the fields of economics, investments and finance for expert opinions and valuations, market surveys, informatics and analysis.

The firm also specializes in representing creditors in corporate liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings with an emphasis on employee representation, including filing debt claims for both National Insurance and the fund, asset realization applications, cancellation of grants, property concealment and more.