Corporate Law, Contracts & Commercial Litigation

The firm takes part in shaping the world of Israeli business and law, while representing its clients – with leading companies in the economy, senior executives, and personalities who are at the heart of doing business in Israel at the forefront of their struggles.

The firm represents its clients in complex lawsuits and arbitration proceedings, dealing with business and commercial disputes, large-scale economic disputes, struggles for control of companies, disputes between shareholders, controlling shareholders and partners, in claims by investors in the capital market, in class actions in the areas of consumer and corporate law, in derivative claims on behalf of shareholders, as well as in claims in the areas of banking, insurance, environment, torts and medical malpractice.

Most claims are characterized by complexity and combine different branches of law, and involve complicated legal questions, which sometimes require a decision on precedent and principal issues.

The firm represents, accompanies and advises companies and officers in conflict management and control struggles, including: disputes regarding control agreements, disputes regarding controlling shareholders’ transactions, disputes regarding conflicts of interest, breaches of fiduciary duties and prudence of officers and controlling shareholders. Beyond that, the firm represents business partners in complex disputes that arise between them at the time of separation, including in liquidation proceedings of partnerships, in liquidation proceedings by a court and the division of assets in liquidation, voluntarily and involuntarily.

Moreover, the firm represents companies, officers and controlling shareholders in class action lawsuits and complex and intricate derivative lawsuits, on a large economic scale in the areas of consumer protection and corporate law, as well as in administrative petitions and petitions to the Supreme Court, on precedent-setting and complex issues, which concern decisions of acts and omissions of various public authorities.

In addition, the law firm accompanies its business clients on an ongoing basis and advises on everything related to the day-to-day conduct of the company / business, including the establishment of a company, liquidation of shelf companies, founders’ agreements, partnership agreements, cooperation agreements, merger agreements, preparation and amendment of a company’s articles of association, participation in shareholders’ meetings and boards of directors, etc.